What Does The Law Say About Butt Plug Returns?

Buying sex toys online is difficult because there could be a chance that you may not like the product at all. The sex toys purchased at love plugs.co are expensive and thus without a return policy, it would just be gambling to buy a sex toy online. The law thus allows you to return the sex toys that you have bought online.

The law lets you get the sex toy replaced in case it breaks within a year of purchase. Also if you place the order and do not get what you want then you can get the sex toy returned within 30 days of purchase. You can get an exchange for the item. Any refunds to the credit card would not be possible but in turn, you can pick up something against the returned products. Also, the company wants you to return the product in its original packing only. The company disposes of all the items that are returned.

To get a return against any defect in the product you will have to courier the item back to the company along with the original packing. It is crucial to understand that the return is possible only until 1 year from the purchase date. After that, the company will entertain no returns.

Take care to attach the invoice and the company also gives 30 days guarantee on its products. If the product gets damaged because of negligence on your part then the company would not offer any return. The company would send you back the same item or something else of the same type in case they do not have the original product in their stock.

Before you return any item take care to ensure that it is under the guarantee period. You will also have to fill in the return form and print it and attach it to the returned product. Put the item in the original packing and you will then have to mail it back to the company.