Advertise on Somojo

All artists on Somojo can use the website and 'live' stream for promoting their music.

You can have your album or EP promoted on the front page page of, just send us the artwork/CD cover and the URL you would like it to link to and we will add it for you for free

You can send us a recorded message in mp3 format that we will add to the 'live' stream for you, again this is free of charge.

You can promote your album or EP across most pages of the Somojo website on the left hand side of the page. This is done under a 'Pay what you like' arrangement, for a pre-determined number of weeks. This doesn't include a 'free' option, is limited to 10 advertisements at any one time and is only available to artists whose music we play on Somojo.

Please contact us for further information.