After much thought and consideration, we’ve decided that the website will be shut down permanently later this year, 2016.
It was fun while it lasted, we heard some great independent artists and played some of their fantastic music while running the website as Somojo Radio.

We appreciate that some artists may still use the website for the embedded audio player function, this will cease to work when the website closes.

If any artists with tracks on the website would like them moved to the Somojo Music website, please let us know and we’ll get that done.

Thanks for all your support since we began Somojo Radio back in 2008.
Da Management

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Robot DIsco (SDMix)   (mp3, 5.89 MB, 04:17)   Robot DIsco (SDMix)
  Musical Mind Control

  (mp3, 1.82 MB, 01:59)   "Jasper did once- but he don't no more."

I'll Be Back   (mp3, 2.33 MB, 02:33)   I'll Be Back
  The Revelators

Electrons Libres   (mp3, 3.94 MB, 02:52)   Electrons Libres

Bright Black   (mp3, 11.54 MB, 08:24)   Bright Black