Is CBD Oil Legal to use?

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil has recently gained immense popularity as it has several health benefits and people claim it relieves symptoms of cancers and in some cases even cures it.

Until recently the use of this product was relegated to a few in the society but with recent claims of health benefits, there is a furor over the legality of the use of the product. There is no scientific evidence so far that CBD oil has any of the benefits claimed by users. But that does not deny the experience these individuals have been through. You can check for more information on the product.

The laws relating to Cannabidiol oil are confusing. The CBD oil is legal according to the federal law but it is illegal to purchase and sell the product without a proper prescription. There is another twist in the tale; CBD that is obtained from hemp is a non-psychoactive variant which has less than 0.3% of THC – the mind-altering component present in marijuana and this is legal but marijuana-derived CBD is not legal.

The law states that products derived from certain parts of the cannabis plant are prohibited or illegal. Hence, products that are derived from the “non-marijuana” parts of the plant like mature stalks, oil from seeds and sterilized seeds are legal to use.

Do not look for locally cultivated hemp because it is illegal in the United States except in State-regulated programs. But it is legal to import the hemp-derived oil. Hemp is cultivated worldwide in various countries and it is easy to get high-quality CBD oil from these cultivators.

The oil can be taken directly or is invariably infused into capsules, topical creams and ointments and even tinctures.

Hemp-derived CBD products are easily available online and you can get them delivered to your doorstep.