Legal Concerns About Muscle Building

This is my own story:

About a decade ago, I was pumping up the weight on the gym floor when I saw a well-built man training alongside. He had a great body and I must confess having a guy crush on him. He even told me that he was on prescription drugs to bulk up for more than six months and did not seem to have any health issues because of the steroids that he was consuming.

I was visibly impressed:

I immediately hopped off to the medical practitioner that Smith (yes that was his name) recommended. The doctor checked my statistics and prescribed anabolic steroids. A month of consumption and I could see the improvement in myself.

I put on more muscle with testogen:

I realize now that the steroid was testosterone and the hulking up was only because I was taking it. What I didn’t realize way back then was the health implications that it was frightfully capable of causing as little as a decade later.

Mood swings were indicative of the side effects:

Physical side effects were in my case manifest only later but what really affected me was the effect that it had on my emotions and how my psyche was majorly being screwed up. I was having problems with my relationship. I even flushed the tablets once because I knew that my excessive mood swings were somewhere connected with my consumption of these muscle bulking supplements.

I started on them again:

I broke up with my fiancée of three years and from there again started my steroids. It was as if I had become dependent on it. It was scary but I could not muster up the courage to stop them because I could manage the withdrawal effect it had on my brain.

I almost lost a foot but thank god I am out of it:

When the state government started tightening its control on pills, I started injecting myself with the liquid hormone that I procured from the black market. My foot had developed septic because I did not even care to use clean needles. I am so ashamed of my carelessness. But today, I am out of it. It has been a bad phase but I make sure that I write such things often so that someone else does not fall into such a trap because of the lack of knowledge.


A lawyer’s life in South Carolina is always busy. But he needs to prioritise his needs and act accordingly to be a successful lawyer. A day in lawyer’s life need not be just making lengthy speeches in front of the juries or just tracking down robbers or killers or accompanying the police on stake outs. It is a good to see what is in a day in a lawyer’s life.

The work hours depend on the experience and the type of law dealt with. A junior lawyer puts in about 20 hours whereas a senior experienced lawyer will devout few hours of his day. The routine daily tasks for lawyers include research, studying the case and writing, phone calls, court visits and appearances, meeting with the clients and being patient to be polite, interested and also interesting.

Most of the days of lawyers are dynamic and there is no typical day for any lawyer. It could be civil cases, family related case, or a criminal case. It is all different every day. If you need family law advices go here. The lawyers in South Carolina are very well versed with all laws pertaining to all spheres of law.

The lawyers spend long hours listening to their clients and getting out information needed from them. Then they analyze it and frame a write up, which is done after several long hours of patience and hard effort. Then they research on the case and find the suitable law to deal with it. In the process there would be several calls and meetings with the client. Finally it is the appearance in the court and submission of the case, again followed by preparation for arguments. The work goes on…

This is life of a lawyer in South Carolina on a normal day.

Is It Worth Getting a Genuine Louis Vuitton Bag ?

Louis Vuitton is a well-known brand in the market, especially when comes to accessories for both men and women. It is a unisex market or brand and there is everything available in this market for any of your accessory needs, you can visit the shops for this brand or take to order handbags, wallets or shoes online and there are many online dealers who help the customers get their favorite and popular models to their doorsteps. It is always a pride to walk with handbags and accessories from Louis Vuitton because it has a brand identity in the market and has a prestigious name amongst the other popular brands.

But there are some other cheap products that replicate the branded ones with the sole aim of cheating the customers and to make some handsome amount of profits. Leather is a product that is easily duplicated and people easily get carried away by the features and benefits elaborated by the shop-keepers. And the dropped down prices make them even more attractive. Generally, leather is an expensive material and products that are made from them are even more expensive. But when the duplicates, resembling exactly the originals, are sold at lower prices than the MRP, people fall into the trap and get cheated. One way of differentiating the duplicates from the originals is the logo they carry on them. This is a brand identity that has been legally approved and they have copyrights and hence cannot be copied. Legally these bags are to be sold only by the brands and some retailers and wholesalers who have assigned with this responsibility of marketing them. So one way of identifying the original is to look for this. So, get a Louis Vuitton handbag and replace your old one which is just the carbon copy of the original and enjoy the honor of carrying them with you.

Video Optimization To Reach Out To Real Viewers

Just making a video to promote yourself or your business is not enough. To get a great and awesome number of views you need to optimize your video. Video optimization is an incredibly important step to get real viewers to actually find your video and then watch it right to the end and enjoy and appreciate the content too.

Caption- The caption or title that you give your video should have a nice punch to it. It should be short, crisp and should absolutely nail it. The title is the first thing that your viewers will see and it should be something that grabs their attention right away. Apart from grabbing viewer attention, the title should also be able to describe the contents of your video in a nutshell. Using the right SEO to find exact phrases and terms that will get more audience.

Description– Describing your video properly will provide your viewers will all the information they need to know to make them definitely watch the video. Again, using the right keywords is very important to help users find the video easily. Linking your video to relevant websites and other valuable sources or products also helps.

Tag your Video-Video tags are those keywords thatgive the description of your video and is another very effective way of helping people locate you. The content of your video is definitely going to show up in more number of searches if you tag them properly. using tags will make your video appear in the suggested videos listings every time a viewer watches some other video with a similar content.

Thumbnail– If you want to get noticed it is important to thumbnail your video. Uploading a frame from your video or just uploading your own thumbnail is also good enough to grab viewer attention.

Let your creativity do the job and help you optimize your video so as to get the maximum views.

The Common Features and Functions of The Latest Radar Detectors

The police use radar guns to detect speeding and enforce traffic regulations to ease traffic situations and increase road safety. Radar detectors are electronic devices that help in giving audio, visual alerts to drivers to prevent them from speeding in such areas, and help them avoid any speeding/ rash driving records by the law enforcement department.

So, are these devices legal? The question of legality of consumer radar detectors has always been vague and subjective. However, the truth is that most of the top radar detectors available today are legal and approved of in many countries. They are becoming increasingly popular because they increase driving efficiency and convenience. When you are looking at the best radar electronic instruments in the market, it is important that you familiarise yourself with some common features and functions to know what to expect.

  • The top instruments in this segment have a very good range and warn drivers before their vehicle is detected by the police radars for speeding. These detectors need to have a fairly-long range to effectively provide alerts with or without obstacles around.
  • The most popular brands in this segment give a fairly- decent percentage of authentic signals and the number of fake signals is comparatively less. They are more sensitive and selective.
  • They are portable and easy to install and operate.
  • Most of the good electronic detectors in the market are GPS- enabled and usually sound out alerts of approaching speed cameras and traffic signals within their detection range.
  • Look for POP system of detection in your radar device. This system forewarns you of other vehicles being scanned for speeding and helps you to bring your vehicle well within the speed limit in a good time and distance.
  • The latest instruments come with auto-learn feature which helps mark false alarm spots. This allows them to be more accurate and prevent annoying false triggers.

The technology used in radar detection is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated and reliable. Check for the common features and functions of the latest models and choose one that works well for you.


You Deserve A Break

Do you dread going to work on a Monday morning? Not many like the thought of dragging their feet off their bed and to the office after a fun weekend. One always wants the weekend to extend, the morning hours to prolong so that they can get some more sleep.

Thinking about those targets, deadlines, meetings, seminars, etc, can be nerve-wracking for some. However, they have to go to work every day, at least to pay the bills and throw a party on weekends.

Lunch breaks – Your employer’s legal obligations

When you are at work and the day seems to just go on, the only saving grace is the breaks. The lunch break mainly is the one, every employee looks forward to. You get a chance to forget work while at the office; have some good food, a friendly chat, and a hearty laugh.

However, there are many employers who are not too keen on giving you the break. They want you to work more and do more for the company in those few hours you are at the office. When you are stuck in a place like that, it is important for you to speak up and get what you rightfully deserve.

The law is in place to ensure the employees are treated right in every company. Apart from letting you have some fun, these lunch breaks have psychological benefits too. When you are working, your brain needs a break to relax. Without these refreshing breaks, you tend to get sluggish and the brain just can’t think. When you give your brain enough breaks, it has the energy to concentrate, focus and come up with fresh ideas.

When you are working for more than five hours a day, the California law states that you are entitled to a meal break of 30 minutes. This will be an off duty, unpaid break unless specified otherwise. For every five hours of work, an employee is entitled to a 30 minutes meal break. However, if you are working only for six hours in a day, you can waive off this break by mutual consent.